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London is one of the top most visited tourist destinations in the world and take tour of this iconic city with the cheap flights to London.

London sees around 15 million visitors every year. They have iconic places to visit like Buckingham palace to very famous big ben. With your cheap flights to London you can spend endless days visiting the top attractions.

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 Top attractions of London:

  1. Buckingham palace and the change of Guard:

The top most attraction of London city is the Buckingham palace. This is the official residence of the Queen Elizabeth. The palace is available to take tour when the Queen is on a summer vacation. The visitors can take tour of the State rooms, the Queen’s gallery, The Royal Mews, etc. the best time to visit to see both the change of guard ceremony and take tour of the palace would be around afternoon tea.

Every day at 11.30 in the morning, the change of guard draws many visitors. It is a colorful display with music at the St James palace where you can follow the band along the mall.

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  1. The British museum:

The British museum has more than 13 million artifacts from around the world. They have many priceless objects from china, Europe and elsewhere. The top attractions of the museum are 1.Controversial Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon, 2.The Rosetta stone, 3. Egyptian mummies and the 4th century Roman silver known as Milden hall treasure.

  1. Tower of London and Tower Bridge:

This Tower has been used as a prison, Palace, treasure Vault, Private zoo, etc. in olden times. This place encloses the Country’s rich history giving the visitors a lovely experience to take tour of this tower. It has remarkable display of Armor and other Royal ornaments. They also have famous Crown Jewels exhibit. The tower rises to about 61 meters above the river Thames.

  1. Big ben and parliament:

The iconic Clock of London, “The Big ben”, and its resounding bell is a top attraction of the city. Below the Big Ben, stretching along the Thames River is the House of parliament. Tour of the Parliament will let you see the live debates and discussion happening inside the parliament.

  1. Westminster Abbey:

It has a long association with the British Royal family. This place stands on the site since early 7th century. Most sovereigns were crowned here and also buried here. This is the preferred location of the British Family’s Royal weddings.

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